Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson was born Andreas Svensson on March 16, 1824 in Västergötland, Sweden. He married Maria (Maja) Stina Svensdotter on March 23, 1845. Together they had seven children in Västergården Vänga, Ålvsborgs län, Västergötland, Sweden born between 1845 and 1859. The oldest, Anna Charlotta, was to become Daryl Hallquist’s great grandmother Hallquist, married to Charles John Hallquist.

Back of picture: “Grandma Hallquist, Wästergärden Vänga.” Front of picture: “Mother’s home in Sweden.” Written by Teckla Hallquist Carlson referring to her mother, Anna Charlotta Hallquist.

Of the seven children, three died before the age of two. Andrew’s wife, Maja, died in 1860 leaving him with four children ages one through fifteen. Four years later, in 1864, Andrew emigrated to America leaving the four children in Vänga. Anna Charlotta was nineteen at the time. The youngest child, Claes Adolf, would die a year later at the age of six, leaving only the three girls surviving from the seven children.

The middle daughter, Johanna Frederika, emigrated to America in 1868 and moved to Moline, Illinois to join her father, Andrew Swanson. That same year she was married to Andrew Johnson in Moline. It is not known whether or not she knew her husband-to-be before her emigration.

Daryl’s great grandmother Anna Charlotta Swanson

In 1871 Anna Charlotta and the youngest daughter, Emma Emilia, emigrated to Moline, Illinois. Anna Charlotta was 26 and Emma was 13. Andrew was living with his married daughter, Johanna, her husband and baby son according to the 1870 U.S. census.

In 1874, Anna Charlotta married Charles John Hallquist in Princeton, Illinois. They were both 29 years of age. Charles John and Anna Charlotta Hallquist had three children. In 1875, Edward Frank Hallquist was born in Princeton, Illinois. In 1880, Teckla Wilhelmina was born in Peru, Illinois and in 1883, Alvena Amalia was born in Grant township, Montgomery county, Iowa. In 1885 the family was recorded in the Iowa state census as residing in Grant Township, Montgomery County, Iowa.

Andrew Swanson and Anna Catharina, about 1890

Andrew Swanson married Anna Catherina in 1875 when he was 51 and she was 53. They were married in the same year as her emigration from Sweden. In 1880 Andrew and Anna Catherina Swanson resided in Grant Township, Montgomery County, Iowa according to the 1880 U.S. census. Johanna and Andrew Johnson were also in Grant Township per the 1880 census, but living with their four children in a separate household from Andrew Swanson

Charles John and Anna Charlotta Hallquist’s firstborn, Edward Frank, was to become Daryl Hallquist’s grandfather. Edward’s son, Chester Edward, was born in 1912 on the same family farm in Grant township where Chester’s son, Daryl Dean, would be born in 1942.