Johan Larsson Ring

Johan Larsson Ring (1816-1892)

Johan Larsson was born in Småöya, Unnaryd’s parish, Hallands Län, Sweden on June 7, 1816. He was married March 27, 1842 to Maria Persdotter. Together they had seven children of whom three died at a very early age. They moved to Ljunga parish, Jönköpings Län in 1863 when the four remaining children ranged in age from 12 to 18. He spent thirty years, from 1838 to 1869 in the standing army of Sweden where he chose the name Ring.

In 1869, at the age of 52, Johan Larsson Ring emigrated from Sweden to Andover, Henry County, Illinois with his wife and the children Christina and Andrew. Sons Lars and Gudman had emigrated a year earlier. One report is that Johan Ring was a cobbler at this time. In Ljunga parish the priest wrote in the parish records that Johan had “escaped.” Escaped from what is not known—perhaps poverty.

Pehr Larsson Palm (1805-1864) and first wife, Maria Christina Johansdotter

It is interesting to note that Johan had a brother, Pehr Larsson (who later chose the name Palm), who came into an unexplained fortune after he left the parental home. Pehr Larsson Palm was able to escape poverty without emigrating and without leaving Unnaryd parish. The large yellow wooden mansion he built at Önne Mill still stands today. It is said that Pehr Palm entertained the king of Sweden in this home.

In 1873 the Ring family moved to the Stanton, Iowa, area. Johan Larsson Ring, now called John Ring, applied for U.S. citizenship at the age of 68 on October 20, 1884, and it was approved on October 20, 1886. John and Maria are buried in the Mamrelund cemetery in Stanton, Iowa. No headstones exist, but the records indicate John owns Lot number 53. John Ring is Daryl Hallquist’s great great grandfather.

Johan and Maria Ring’s son, Anders Ring, was born in S Skälsarp, S Unnaryd, Hallands län, Sweden on June 20, 1850. He was christened Anders, but used the form Andrew after the family immigrated to America in 1869. Andrew received his U.S. citizenship on January 13, 1873. Andrew Ring is Daryl Hallquist’s great grandfather.

Andrew bought a farm south of Stanton and married Helena Sofia Erickson (born 1856) on November 11, 1875. Together they had six children but one died at the age of four. She died October 30, 1889, leaving him with five children. Helena Sofia is buried in Mamrelund cemetery in Stanton, Iowa. On November 9, 1890, Andrew married Emelie Anderson in Stanton where seven more children increased the family circle.

In March of 1908 the family moved to a farm they had purchased southeast of Wakefield in Wayne County, Nebraska. Andrew’s stay there was brief as he died August 4, 1911 and was buried on the farm. Emelie stayed on the farm until the youngest children were practically grown. Then she bought a house in Wakefield and there she died April 16, 1942 and is buried beside her husband on the farm.

Andrew used his talent at carpentry in making various improvements on his homes. He served on public school and Lutheran Church boards for many years and a number of times filled the pulpit when the pastor was absent. He was a dedicated Christian who willingly helped others whenever he saw a need.

Andrew and Helena Sofia Ring’s oldest child was Wilhelmina Otelia (Minnie) Ring, Daryl’s paternal grandmother, born in 1876. Minnie Ring married Edward Frank Hallquist. They had three children the youngest of which, Chester Edward Hallquist (born 1912), was Daryl Hallquist’s father.

(Adapted from the book “A Record of the Descendants of Johan (Larsson) Ring and Marie Persdotter, 1811 to 1975″ by Stanley Ring)