Erick Abrahamson

Erick Abrahamson was born February 21, 1821, in Porsamålen according to Vrigstad parish, Jönköping county, Sweden records. His parents were Abram Isaksson and Carolina Johanesdotter. In his obituary his birth year was stated as 1819 but this seems to be in error. Erick and Carolina lived in Norra Ljunga, Jönköping county where they had nine children in the years from 1824 to 1867. All these children grew to adulthood and all immigrated to America. Erick and Carolina emigrated from Sweden in October of 1871 with six of their children who ranged in age from 2 to 23. The ages of the five younger children were reduced on the ships records so that Helena Sofia, who was 15 at the time would seem to be under the age of 12. Her age was listed as 11 and 11/12. Perhaps children under the age of twelve paid less fare. Then all the other children’s ages were reduced by about 2 years.

Erick Abrahamson, 1821-1917

Erick and Carolina first settled near Geneseo and Cambridge, Illinois before moving to the Stanton, Iowa area in 1875. Erick had enough resources to purchase 160 acres of land. His daughter, Helena Sofia Erickson, born June 1, 1856, married Andrew Ring in Stanton on November 11, 1875. She was 19. The families probably knew each other in Sweden as Andrew’s father had moved his family to Norra Ljunga where Erick Abrahamson and his family lived, in 1863. The Ring family emigrated two years previous to the Abrahamson family, in 1869. Both families settled first in the same place in Illinois.

Helena Sofia Erickson Ring (1856-1889)

Helena Sofia Erickson was Daryl’s great grandmother. She died at the age of 33 after bearing six children. The first born was Wilhelmina (Minnie) Otelia Ring who was to become Daryl’s grandmother Hallquist when joined in marriage to Edward Frank Hallquist. She was Chester Hallquist’s mother and Chester was Daryl’s father.

Erick and Carolina Abrahamson are buried in Mamrelund cemetery in Stanton, Iowa. Erick was 96 at the time of his death but had been an active member of the Stanton community up until a fall that eventually resulted in his death. Here is an excerpt from his obituary in the Stanton newspaper:

Mamrelund cemetery, Stanton, Iowa

“In the demise of Erick Abrahamson, which occurred Friday morning, Stanton lost their oldest citizen and probably the oldest person in Montgomery county. His death was due to his advanced age and after an illness of about three months. During the month of December he sustained a fall, and broke a limb, which necessitated his taking to his bed from which he was never able to rise. But during this period of illness he never gave up the hope and expected to be able to be up and make his regular visits to town in a short time. His familiar face will be missed for it is something out of the ordinary to see a person practically one hundred years old, walking about as easily as one twenty-five years his junior.”

Helena Sofia Ring is also buried in Mamrelund cemetery in Stanton. Her daughter, Minnie Hallquist is buried beside her husband in Evergreen cemetery in Red Oak, Iowa. Chester is also buried in Evergreen.