Dick and Britt-Marie visit us at Rödjenäs

While we were driving back from Gothenburg after dropping off Marc and Tanya at the airport, we received a phone call from a cousin we had not yet met. Jan had told us there were some cousins who wanted to get to know us before the reunion. Dick Lövgren is Jan’s first cousin and Daryl’s third cousin. I was talking to Dick with great difficulty because the echoes of our voices were bouncing off the satellite as our conversation traveled to the U.S. and then back again to Sweden. We made an arrangement to meet again the next day.

Daryl and I decided to try and conform to the local tradition of serving coffee and pastries at any and all social gatherings. So when Dick and Britt arrived at Rödjenäs in their red Volvo stationwagon, we had the dining table all set up. We were greeted by a very tall Swede who looked the most like Daryl so far and his diminuitive wife. Their warm affection captured our hearts within the hour.

Dick and Britt constantly strove, throughout our stay in Sweden, to make us feel welcome and comfortable with the culture and surroundings of Daryl’s ancestral homeland. Both they and Jan and Jan’s entire family, showed astounding hospitality, constantly exposing us to the most enlightening historical and cultural revelations.