Charles John Hallquist

Charles John Hallquist was born Carl Johan Andersson Spets on December 21, 1845 in Guldsmedsgården (goldsmiths farm), Länghem, Västra Gotalands, Sweden (57.6096, 13.2631). His father was Andreas Pettersson Spets, born in Lillagården, Länghem and his mother, Brita Maria (Maja) Nilsdotter. He was the second of five children. Spets was the required “soldier name” adopted by Andreas Pettersson, a corporal by rank. The name means “point of the sword” in English. Andreas Petterson Spets’ father was Petter Mattiasson Sabel. Sabel was his soldier name and means “saber.” Sabel was born in Finnekumla but moved to Länghem before the birth of his son Andreas.

Charles John Hallquist

Charles John and his brother, Frank Oscar (ne: Frans Oscar) immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1871. At some point before their arrival, they both adopted the surname “Hallquist.” There is no known reason for this choice other than the story passed down in the family that there were too many “Andersons” in the U.S. at that time. None of the other siblings adopted this surname, nor did they emigrate.

The brothers initially settled in Princeton, Illinois. Charles John was joined in marriage to Anna Charlotta Swanson on May 5, 1874. She had also emigrated from Sweden in 1871. There is no indication that Charles John and Anna Charlotta knew each other before meeting in Illinois.

Edward Frank Hallquist (1875-1940)

Charles John and Anna Charlotta (Lottie) had three children. The first, Edward Frank (1875 – 1940) was born in Princeton, Illinois. Teckla Wilhelmina (1880 – 1972) was born in Peru, Illinois and Alvena Amalia (Ollie) (1883 – 1970) was born in Grant Township, Montgomery County, Iowa. Edward Frank was to become Daryl’s grandfather.

Charles and Lottie moved to a Grant Township farm sometime between Teckla’s birth in 1880 and Ollie’s birth in 1883. They lived and farmed in Grant Township until Lottie’s death from cancer in 1914. Charles was recorded as living with his daughter, Ollie and her husband in the 1920 census. After Lottie’s death he spent some time in Denver, Colorado with his other daughter, Teckla and her husband, David Walfrid Carlson, as recorded in several photographs. Charles John Hallquist died on July 1, 1921 in Red Oak, Iowa. He is buried in Evergreen cemetery with his wife Anna Charlotta. Her gravestone bears the name “Lottie.”

Edward Frank Hallquist and Minnie Otelia Ring, May 28, 1902.

Edward Frank Hallquist and Wilhelmina Otelia (Minnie) Ring were wed on May 28, 1902. Ed farmed near or with his father in Grant Township. Ed and Minnie eventually lived in the original Charles Hallquist house. Their three children were born there: Ralph, Nellie and Chester. Their grandfather, Charles Hallquist, lived to see all three come into the world and, in the case of Ralph and Nellie, to see them into young adulthood. Ed died in 1940 of heart disease. Before he died he was able to hold one of his grandchildren, Nellie’s daughter, Colette. Minnie would live 13 more years. Ed and Minnie Hallquist are buried in Evergreen cemetery in Red Oak near the graves of Charles and Charlotta Hallquist.

Chester and Louise Hallquist on their honeymoon at Storm Lake, Iowa, June 1941.

Chester Edward Hallquist, born in 1912, married Louise Vivian Lefgren on June 15, 1941. Chester and Louise lived in the Hallquist farmhouse, with Chester’s mother, Minnie Hallquist, for a time and Daryl Dean Hallquist was born there in 1942. Chester and Louise’s other son, Derry Lee Hallquist, was born in 1948 after the family moved to Red Oak, Iowa. Chester suffered from rheumatoid arthritis as a result of contracting rheumatic fever in 1939. He had to give up farming in 1945 and the family moved to Red Oak where they initially lived with Louise’s mother, Ellen Lefgren. As Chester had trained to be a barber during his high school years, he was able to transition to that profession in Red Oak. He remained a barber until his stroke in 1977. Chester died in 1990, at the age of 78. His wife, Louise, would live 17 more years. They are buried in Red Oak’s Evergreen cemetery alongside their son, Terry Dee, who was Derry’s twin and died as an infant.