Erick Abrahamson

Erick Abrahamson was born February 21, 1821, in Porsamålen according to Vrigstad parish, Jönköping county, Sweden records. His parents were Abram Isaksson and Carolina Johanesdotter. In his obituary his birth year was stated as 1819 but this seems to be in error. Erick and Carolina lived in Norra Ljunga, Jönköping county where they had nine children in the years from 1824 to 1867. All these children grew to adulthood and all immigrated to America. Erick and Carolina emigrated from Sweden in October of 1871 with six of their children who ranged in age from 2 to 23. The ages of the five younger children were reduced on the ships records so that Helena Sofia, who was 15 at the time would seem to be under the age of 12. Her age was listed as 11 and 11/12. Perhaps children under the age of twelve paid less fare. Then all the other children’s ages were reduced by about 2 years.



Charles John Hallquist

Charles John Hallquist was born Carl Johan Andersson Spets on December 21, 1845 in Guldsmedsgården (goldsmiths farm), Länghem, Västra Gotalands, Sweden (57.6096, 13.2631). His father was Andreas Pettersson Spets, born in Lillagården, Länghem and his mother, Brita Maria (Maja) Nilsdotter. He was the second of five children. Spets was the required “soldier name” adopted by Andreas Pettersson, a corporal by rank. The name means “point of the sword” in English. Andreas Petterson Spets’ father was Petter Mattiasson Sabel. Sabel was his soldier name and means “saber.” Sabel was born in Finnekumla but moved to Länghem before the birth of his son Andreas.



Johan Larsson Ring

Johan Larsson was born in Småöya, Unnaryd’s parish, Hallands Län, Sweden on June 7, 1816. He was married March 27, 1842 to Maria Persdotter. Together they had seven children of whom three died at a very early age. They moved to Ljunga parish, Jönköpings Län in 1863 when the four remaining children ranged in age from 12 to 18. He spent thirty years, from 1838 to 1869 in the standing army of Sweden where he chose the name Ring.



Story of Andrew Swanson and His Descendants

Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson was born Andreas Svensson on March 16, 1824 in Västergötland, Sweden. He married Maria (Maja) Stina Svensdotter on March 23, 1845. Together they had seven children in Västergården Vänga, Ålvsborgs län, Västergötland, Sweden born between 1845 and 1859. The oldest, Anna Charlotta, was to become Daryl Hallquist’s great grandmother Hallquist, married to Charles John Hallquist.