August Olsson

Like Klas Oskar Löfgren and John Alfred Lefgren, this is the story of two brothers, one remaining in Sweden and the other immigrating to America. August Olsson remained in Sweden while his brother, Anders Gustaf Olsson, immigrated to America in 1888. This story explains how Barbro Bogelius is third cousin to Nancy Lefgren Porter and Judy Lefgren McCracken.



Klas Oskar Löfgren

Klas Oskar Löfgren was born on September 17, 1853 in Ryd no. 73, Järeda parish, Kälmar län, Sweden. His parents were Jonas Peter Johansson Snygg and Maria Jonsdotter. Snygg (meaning “handsome” or”nice” in Swedish) was the soldier name chosen by Jonas Peter. Klas Oskar was the fifth-born of six children. The first-born, Johan Alfred, was Daryl’s great grandfather Lefgren (an Americanized version of Löfgren).



John Alfred Lefgren

John Alfred Lefgren was born Johan Alfred Löfgren in Ryd no. 73, Järeda parish, Kalmar län, Sweden, September 13, 1843. His parents were the Ryd town soldier, Jonas Peter Johansson Snygg and Maria Jonsdotter. He was the first of six children. His brother, Klas Oskar Löfgren, was born 10 years later. He served five years [...]



Lena Sofia Kämpe

Lena Sofia Kämpe was born on February 6, 1845 in Årena, Målilla Parish, Gårdveda, Sweden. Her parents were Johan Samuelsson Kämpe (1815-1888) and Gustafva Petersdotter (1817-1913). In 1841 Johan became a soldier and took the soldier name Ring. After the birth of the first two children, Per August and Lena Sofia, Johan moved the family to another soldier’s cottage in Gårdveda in 1851 where they stayed for four years. Then they moved to another house in Löfhault, Gårdveda where Johan was both farmer and soldier. There were nine children altogether born from 1842 to 1864. All the children except Per August and Maria Gustafva emigrated to the United States.



James Johnson

James Johnson, whose Swedish name was Johan Jonsson, was born March 4, 1842 in Lindehult, Kråksmåla, Kalmar Län, Sweden. His parents were Jonas Peter Jaensson (1796 – 1862) and Beata Nilsdotter (1806 – 1893). He was the youngest of four children. His brother, Nels Petter Johnson (1827 – 1901) emigrated in 1868. His sister, Cajsa Greta Jonasdotter (1838 – ?) emigrated in 1869. Rebecka Jonasdotter (1831 – ?) stayed in Sweden.